Photo Op: Spirit Island on Maligne Lake

Spirit Island has been captivating Jasper National Park travelers for years. For anyone with a camera, this will be one of the best scenes your camera will ever have the pleasure of photographing.

To see the famous Spirit Island in person, take a cruise on Maligne Lake – a must do even without a camera. At the end of the cruise, the boat drops passengers off at a dock for a short break. Walk from the dock up a small path up to a vantage point looking out towards Spirit Island.

Spirit Island on Maligne Lake

Here’s more Spirit Island photos from Webshots, a popular photo website.

Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
(By lizawati100)

(By bobp30)

19940702-0503ac Canada Alberta Jasper NP Maligne Lake
(By pfjc)

Learn more about the Maligne Lake boat ride.

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