Get Local: Read The Fitzhugh, Jasper National Park’s Newspaper

I recommend getting to know Jasper National Park before visiting.

I mean getting to know the real Jasper.

Jasper National Park is different than most other parks in that Jasper has a full municipality within it, Jasper town-site.

In it are a small population of people who call Jasper National Park home.  To have a home in Jasper means to work in Jasper and be dedicated to Jasper.

Jasper even has its own newspaper, The Fitzhugh, “Jasper’s Independent, Locally Owned Newspaper.”

Check out the online version of the Fitzhugh.  I also recommend picking up a printed paper while in Jasper to read while settling down in the evening in your hotel room.

I assure you that by reading the Fitzhugh you’ll learn things about the inner workings of Jasper that you won’t find anywhere else.  Between Jasper and the neighboring parks and towns, the Fitzhugh brings to light what’s going on – beyond the attractions.

You’ll feel connected to the people and the issues.  When you know what goes on behind the scenes, you’ll realize how important it is that the right decisions are made to support Jasper National Park’s future.

The Fitzhugh often mixes in Jasper history topics too, which I like.  If you want to learn even more about Jasper’s history, also consider a visit to the Jasper Yellowhead Museum or reading my unique posts about Jasper Nation Park history here on travel website.

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