5 ways to stay in Jasper National Park for less than $100 a night during summer season

Getting below $100 a night for a place to stay within Jasper National Park is today’s challenge.

Can it be done?


First off, traditional hotels in Jasper National Park during the peak summer months are pretty much impossible to …

Camping in Jasper National Park in 2010

Want to go camping in Jasper National Park in 2010?

Tent camping or RV camping.  Jasper offers both.

If you like planning early to ensure you get to stay at the campground you want, you can use the campground reservation …

“I can’t find a hotel in Jasper National Park?” Top 5 Alternatives

As often happens during peak summer months, travelers are frustrated about the availability of hotels within Jasper National Park and other national parks.

I’ve been to Yellowstone National Park in the US and the situation is similar.  In fact, finding …