Get Inspired with 3 Jasper National Park Trip Reports

These 3 travelers will make you want to be in Jasper National Park right now.

If you are looking for trip reports and experiences of other travelers who have visited Jasper National Park, read on.


In a May 2009 trip report, Steve Parr writes here about driving from Hinton, Alberta to Jasper National Park and heading in the direction of Prince George, BC.  Along the way, he takes many great pictures of elk in Jasper and later sees a bear in BC. Having been to Banff National Park on a previous trip, he contrasts the two:

  • “Up until yesterday morning, I would’ve said that Banff National Park was just about the most perfect place on the planet, and I have said as much, and I’ve said it often. But Jasper offered so much more. The vistas were every bit as perfect, and the wildlife viewing opportunities of Banff simply cannot compare with those of Jasper; it’s simply no contest.”

Now that’s inspiring.


Dan Jurak writes about how Jasper National Park sparked his interest in photography and writes:

  • “How could you not get hooked? The scenery and trails were spectacular.  Jasper is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.”

He goes on to write about his quest to take great photos of Jasper National Park.  Some of his Canadian Rockies photos are online here in a photo gallery.


Bonnie Way writes about doing a girlfriend getaway to Jasper National Park, going to Jasper to getaway from school.  The 3 friends visited Pyramid Lake, Athanasca Falls, Lac Beauvert and other sites.  The resulting experience, Bonnie writes, was:

  • “…all that we hoped for — relaxing and refreshing, readying us to go back to our normal lives renewed and reenergized.”

That’s what a getaway should be.

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