Train to Jasper - VIA Rail Trip Reports and Videos

In a recent article on taking the VIA Rail train to Jasper National Park, I looked at what you can expect when taking a VIA Rail train to Jasper and explained the train routes.

Sounds intriguing?

Let’s look at what other train travelers are saying about VIA Rail. Let’s start with a few trip reports and then finish with a collection og videos showing more of the VIA Rail experience.


VIA Rail trip reports

Traveler Carolyn writes about her experience on VIA Rail’s Canadian, going from Vancouver to Toronto with a stop at Jasper National Park.  By the looks of the pictures and all of the snow on the ground, it was a winter trip.  Read article.

Traveler Susan also writes a blog post about riding on the Canadian and stopping at Jasper National Park and Banff National Parks during the day.   Read article.

Videos of VIA Rail Trains

This traveler’s video shows scenes from VIA Rail’s Skeena line from Prince Rupert, BC to Jasper National Park, AB.

This video by Vacations Canada provides a quick tour of the VIA Rail Canadian line.

VIA Rail train from above

From the ground at Jasper National Park train station

YouTube contributor bcrcndr now has 55 brief videos showing segments of a cross-country trip aboard the VIA Rail Canadian.

Proving that there is a video on YouTube for everything, this is a video of a person going from one end of the train to the other. Not particularly exciting, it does at least show what the inside looks like.

There you have it.  These resources should have provided a good honest idea about what riding on a VIA Rail train is like.  Have you rode VIA Rail before?  What’s your experience?

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