Jasper National Park Hotel Alternative: 3 Hinton Hotels for $100 a night or less in summer

$1oo a night or less in Jasper for a real hotel during peak season summer months?

Believe me, I wish!  Have you searched for hotels in Jasper National Park yet?  During summer months, finding hotels in Jasper below $150 is unlikely with $200+ very common – and things book up fast.

But… 3 hotels in hotels in Hinton, Alberta are listing rates at about $100 or less – and that’s AFTER taxes.

I just did a search on the HotelsCombined-powered hotel search tool on Jasper Journal for Hinton hotels in July and found that Howard Johnson Hotel Hinton, Days Inn Hinton, and Holiday Inn Hinton were all at prices that could knock a few hundred off your vacation budget if you plan it right.

The catch?  The location is a little out of the way.

Hinton, Alberta is about 20 minutes away from the eastern entrance of Jasper National Park.

Still, Hinton is close enough to a lot of the good stuff and is roughly:

  • 1 hour to Miette Hot Springs (swimming and hiking)
  • 1 to 1.5 hours to Jasper townsite, Pyramid Lake, Jasper Tramway and lots of hiking options
  • 2 hours to Maligne Lake and more hiking
  • 3-4 hours to Athabasca Glacier with stops along the way

What are you looking at deer?Expect to add some time for stops for wildlife sightings along Highway 16 and slow RV traffic.

How can you take advantage of the potential savings of staying in Hinton versus Jasper?

Well, it really depends on your itinerary.

2 or 3 nights in Hinton could fit in to an itinerary well if you and your travel companions don’t mind going from hotel to hotel.  For me, my wife doesn’t like switching from hotel to hotel every night, grumble, grumble.

But for the more flexible traveler, if you’re coming from Edmonton airport, Hinton is a good first night after a long drive from Edmonton.  Then hit Jasper the next day.

You could stay a night or 2 in the Jasper townsite area as a jumping point to do the Icefield Parkway area activities.  Then head back to Hinton, making time for Maligne Lake on the way.  If time permits, head from Hinton back to Jasper the next day to spend a day day-hiking at Miette Hot Springs and soaking in the pools.

Then spend another casual night in Hinton and head to Edmonton the next day to spend time in Edmonton before flying home from Edmonton airport.

If you’re coming from Calgary and Banff with a stop in Jasper, staying in Hinton a few nights could work if you’re heading out to Edmonton afterward.

Think about it if you’re crunching the numbers and want to save a few bucks…and see a few elks.

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