Are you ready to paddle a canoe in the Canadian Rockies? Proper techniques explained.

Jasper National Park and Banff National Park have some of the most amazing lakes and rivers for canoeing in the world. There are so many places to canoe, it is hard to decide.

Whether you plan to rent a canoe at Maligne Lake or Lac Beauvert in Jasper National Park or Lake Louise or Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, or elsewhere in the parks, there is one thing you can do today to prepare for the experience: learn to properly paddle a canoe.

This article will provide the resources you need to properly paddle a canoe.

canoeing on lake louise...magz

I’ve rented canoes in many places – and even paddled amongst large, scary alligators in southern Florida. Before I learned how to properly paddle a canoe, I’d have trouble keeping the canoe straight. It would rock and was hard to keep steady. I’d also get tired and strain my muscles. I lacked knowledge of the proper canoe paddling form.

There is a better way. Learn simple and easy canoe paddling techniques. So, sit back, relax and let’s learn to paddle a canoe for your Canadian Rockies vacation.

Canoeing in Lake Louise (7/9)

If you are new to canoeing and plan to rent a canoe during your Canadian Rockies vacation, learning a little bit about how properly paddle a canoe will help you make the most of your experience and allow you to focus on the wonderful scenery.

These are some of these best instructional videos on how to paddle a canoe. Take a look at these videos to learn about how to paddle and steer a canoe.

This video goes into more detail about the J-stroke.

The following video really gets into some advanced canoe paddling theory – aimed at canoeing enthusiasts. It will make you think a lot about having the proper form and how to most efficiently paddle a canoe.

What happens if your canoe tips over? Since you are now a pro, you shouldn’t have to worry about tipping over your canoe. But if you do, here is a video that shows what to do.

Ok, now that you’ve watched some videos, you should be ready to go. If you’d like more details, read through these articles on other websites which go into more advanced aspects of canoeing:

Hope your Jasper National Park and/or Banff National Park canoeing experience is rewarding. Happy canoeing!


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2 comments to Are you ready to paddle a canoe in the Canadian Rockies? Proper techniques explained.

  • I am a tourist and I have rented canoes also. rented canoes. Before I learned how to paddle, I’d have trouble keeping the canoe straight because of the crazy water tossing me up and down. It’s a great workout for my arms. I get really defined.

  • Paddling Jasper is simply amazing! For those of you that have never visited jasper you’ve got to go.

    Actually, I recommend doing a BC and Alberta loop that I love doing, drive from Vancouver north to Prince George and pass through Jasper and head into Edmonton then take the drive down to Calgary and drive the southern route through Banff heading back to Vancouver.

    I have an inflatable kayak that fits into my trunk and only takes a few minutes to inflate so stopping anywhere along the route I’ve described above when you see an opportunity to paddle is easy with an inflatable canoe / kayak.

    Can’t wait till next spring to get back to Jasper and all stops along the way to do it again!

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