Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park

Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park is about 10km from Banff townsite and is adjacent to the larger Lake Minnewanka.

Two Jack Lake is on the Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive loop and is a pleasant place to bring a picnic lunch.

There are picnic tables available along the shore.  Off in the distance is Mount Rundle.

After lunch, take a walk along the shore to stretch your legs before heading to the next destination.

Camping is available here too at the Two Jake Lakeside Campground and Two Jack Main Campground.

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1 comment to Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park

  • Blue hill side pics is so magnificent! What a mind blowing nature!

  • To tell the truth, I am so glad that I came across your article about the best things to do in Banff, because I fall in love with travelling and I always try to find new places to visit. Banff has conquered my heart for a long time ago, but before this time I hadn’t been aware of all the nuances and details connected with this place. It is so cool that you enlightened people about Banff to a huge extent and covered all points because after reading this, I feel so savvy regarding this incredible place. I can say that Two Jack Lake is a true nature’s miracle which has incredible distinctive features. I was able to feel the atmosphere of this lake through the screen because I hadn’t seen such aesthetics which would arouse such emotions for a long time. It is so cool that there is such a range of alternatives to explore Banff because it will make staying here more comfortable and pleasant which is really important.

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