On the Lookout for Animal Jams

It takes a keen eye and a little luck to spot the wildlife in Jasper National Park and the Canadian Rockies.

The good news is that fellow travelers are looking too.  And when they see something…


“Stop the car, bighorn sheep!”

The result is an “animal jam”: lots of cars stopped in the middle of the road because wildlife is nearby.

An animal jam is your cue to slow down and look.  Maybe you’ll see something good, like a bighorn sheep, elk or black bear.  Just keep your distance and give the wildlife some space to do their thing.

An animal jam on highway 16 in Jasper

I pulled over for an animal jam on Highway 16 in Jasper National Park

The pictured animal jam on Highway 16/Yellowhead Highway was a good one.  The reward was being lucky enough to see this gang of bighorn sheep hanging out on the side of the mountain.

Animal jams can happen in the least expected places (including curvy roads), so be careful driving.

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2 comments to On the Lookout for Animal Jams

  • Animals are always interesting to see, but in such case there’s a big chance of car crash too.

  • Yeah, it can take a lot of time to spot the wildlife in Jasper National Park, but that’s how the animals protect themselves. By the way, the background view in the image is just beautiful, would love to visit this place.

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