Visiting with Bighorn Sheep at Miette Hot Springs, Jasper National Park

As I was about to leave the parking lot at Miette Hot Springs, a group of bighorn sheep emerged from the woods and headed towards the picnic area.

I thought the fun was done after a day of hiking on the Sulphur Skyline Trail and soaking in Miette Hot Springs – but seeing these bighorn sheep rounded out an amazing day in early July in Jasper National Park.

The bighorn sheep walked up close.  It was a chance to get a good look at the progress they’ve made shedding their thick winter coats for the summer.  But they seemed more intent on looking at me!

Two molting bighorn sheep ewes in the Canadian Rockies

Two molting bighorn sheep ewes in the Canadian Rockies

I was really surprised when an ewe walked up close past a couple cooking on a grill in the picnic area.  The ewe hadn’t a care in the world and ignored the onlooking humans.

As I watched on, it was obvious how accustomed the bighorn sheep had become to tourists.

Bighorn sheep ewe in picnic area

Bighorn sheep ewe at Miette Hot Springs

One ewe even walked up to my rental car as I sat inside. Maybe she recognized me or something. ;)

For a split second the ewe seemed like it was going to climb onto my rental car – and I worried on how I’d explain it to the rental car agency.  Luckily, the ewe was just passing through.

A bighorn sheep ewe ponders climbing onto my rental car

Only bighorn sheep female ewes where to be seen.  The male rams often travel in separate groups.

Bighorn sheep ewes at Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park

It seemed like the picnic area wasn’t just for humans.  It is a good place for bighorn sheep picnics too.  This one was eating leaves off of the ground.

Bighorn sheep ewe eating leaves

What a day in Jasper National Park!

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