Skiing in Jasper - Marmot Basin Reviews

So, Marmot Basin ski area is the place to ski and snowboard in Jasper National Park, but what’s it like?

Some reviews would help.

I’ve compiled the good bits and pieces from a whole bunch of Marmot Basin reviews to give you a better idea.

pow pow 2 (by sunnyfunnyyellow)

“The snow is great – amazing is more like it. The people on the mountain and in the town are open, friendly, and real. That’s actually a very good word not only to describe Marmot Basin but Jasper as well, REAL. No bull, no hype, just real.” (via Yahoo Travel)

That “friendliness” is what I like about Jasper National Park versus other destinations around the world.

Lake Louise ski area in Banff draws the crowds, but visitors to Marmot Basin seem to be having a fine time as well.

“After skiing in seven counries on three continents, Marmot is still amongst my favorite resorts.” (KO via OutdoorReviews)

This person was so impressed by the scenery, the ability to spell correctly was lost.

“The Senery when you get to the Top of the Paradise Chair or T bar Is amazing and very Beatuiful. The Senery going up the Knob Chair is Spactacular.” (rysfamily via TripAdvisor)

Most of the comments about Marmot Basin conditions are favorable and some contain good advice.

“If you’re new to boarding looking for a friendly place to begin Marmot is it. You may get a little bored if your already good and you want to spend more than a couple of days there.” (Chris via OutdoorReview)

“Great resort!! Not as big as the other Alberta resorts but enough to keep you going for a few days.” (Ray via Snow-Forecast)

“There was tons of powder when we first arrived on the Saturday, by Sunday most of it was groomed but it was still a blast.” (monbon via TripAdvisor)

“I’ve only been to Marmot Basin a few times. Each time, I was greeted with pleasing powder, friendly faces, and excellent new runs to test my skills behind the board.” (Chad W via Yelp)

“This resort is my all time personal favorite! Not only are the runs always impeccably maintained they are also incredibly diverse in terrain and skill level. The staff go above and beyond to ensure you have an amazing time there no matter what area of the resort you are at.” (Kim via SkiSite)

“My husband went down the blues and blacks and they compared favourably to the European resorts which are very busy.” (londonfussytraveller via TripAdvisor)

“Like every other resort, snow is the key! When Marmot has good snow…the whole experience at Jasper is hard to beat.” (via TripAdvisor)

“Excellent snow but tends to get very icy and bumpy during dry spells.” (Nick via Outdoor Review)

If you are local, you can plan for the weather accordingly.  If you are flying in for 1 day expecting perfect snow, it may not happen.  Spending a week in Jasper in winter will increase your odds.

When thinking about skiing and snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies, also consider skiing at Lake Louise, Sunshine and Mt Norquay in Banff National Park.

What do you think about Marmot Basin?

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