Take the bus from Edmonton to Marmot Basin in the winter

Spending a week in Jasper National Park to ski at Marmot Basin and hang out in the town?  Take the bus.

Many skiers from far away fly into the nearest major airport in Edmonton, Alberta, and then drive the 4-5 hours to Jasper National Park.  That’s a long drive.

If you want to avoid driving a rental car in the snow, consider taking a bus.

Daily bus services run from Edmonton to Jasper in the winter.  SunDog Tours, MagicBus and Greyhound Bus can get you from Edmonton to Jasper National Park so you can go skiing without worrying about driving.

SunDog is in the $100-130 range each way per person from Edmonton to Jasper during ski season. MagicBus is similar but has several lift ticket and hotel package options.  Greyhound is around $100 roundtrip in winter, depending on options and dates.  Either way, you can take in the scenery and maybe even take a nap.


Once at your Jasper hotel, a free shuttle runs 3 times a day in winter to take you from the Jasper hotels to Marmot Basin.

If you do want a rental car in Jasper, the Jasper train station has car rental places in it and a few other places are in town.

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